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3 Tips for a Proper Tenant Background Check

System - Tuesday, December 14, 2021
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As a landlord and property owner, it's crucial to find tenants you can rely on and trust.

Using a tenant credit and background check service can help you find the absolute best tenants for your Miami properties.

Before you have someone sign a lease, check out these three tips for a proper tenant background check, so you can find the absolute best tenants for you.

1. Gather as Much Information as Possible

The best way to do some tenant screening is to have as much information about the person or persons as possible upfront. Have potential tenants fill out an application and include the most pertinent information on the form.

When filling out applications, the potential tenant should include things like their current address, employer information, and their income. They should also inform you of any pets or children that will also be living on the property.

The more thorough your application is, the easier it will be to perform a quality tenant background check. This first step gives you a general snapshot of the tenant well before the actual background and credit check is performed.

2. Include Credit History on Your Tenant Background Check

Having a good credit history is key to finding the best, most reliable tenants. A simple credit check will show you things like how well they pay other accounts on time and how much credit they actually have versus what they use.

While a credit check isn't the only thing you should consider, it should weigh heavily on your decision when offering a lease. People who don't make payments on time or who have low credit scores may have difficulty paying rent to you.

In addition to the credit check, you should also perform an employer verification, and verify the person's income. These two things will help you gain peace of mind knowing your new tenant is trustworthy and has a reliable source of income. Don't forget to verify their past rental history, too.

3. Criminal Background Checks

It's important to verify that your new tenant will be a trustworthy part of the community. A criminal background check will verify that they have not had any convictions or felonies within the past seven years.

While each circumstance is different, a clean criminal record goes a long way in choosing a reliable tenant. If the person's past criminal record poses a direct or even a possible threat to others, then you should reject the application.

Consider the amount of time that has passed if a potential tenant has a past conviction. Look at each application on a case-by-case basis, but it's especially important to take felony convictions seriously when making your decision.

Find Your Perfect Tenant

As you can see, running a tenant background check is an easy and effective way to find the best tenants. The right service can help you weed out tenants who could become a problem in the future.

If you need help with tenant screening and other services in the Miami area, be sure to contact us today.